LIST Train the Trainer Certification Course

This training is available for people who have already taken the LIST training and are willing to offer training to their staff and for other providers.  

The "List Train-the-Trainer" certification course is a unique opportunity for individuals trained to deliver the LIST assessment, and who have had experience using the tools in their organization.  Individuals who successfully complete the TOT, will be certified to facilitate the LIST training for providers who are new to the tool.

This two-day course will provide an overview of the training relative to areas that have been updated since its original offering in 2014 and will highlight key elements of the training to be emphasized, such as the time frame for completing the list and process for electronically reporting the results to DCF.   The training is also designed to develop and enhance participants' presentation and training skills, and includes a detailed review of the current LIST Training curriculum. In this course, participants are provided the opportunity to "teach-back" a component of the curriculum on the second day, and receive immediate feedback from other participants as well as the instructors. Upon successful completion of the two-day course, and a demonstrated ability to present the LIST Training curriculum, participants will receive certification to conduct the training.

 **All participants must register for Day 1 and must also choose and register for one of the Day 2 dates (Teach Back) that follow it **

Online Registration for DAY 1:                     (For experienced LIST providers only) ** NEW **

Online Registration for DAY 2:

LIST Provider Trainer Roles & Responsibilites ** NEW **

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