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Sarah Tkacs
Director, Credentialing and DCF Services

Phone: (860) 704-6472
Email: stkacs@abhct.com

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 Since 2007 ABH has administered a system for credentialing potential individuals and organizations that will provide direct client services under the wraparound funding program of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.ABH® oversees the credentialing process for providers seeking to enter into provider agreements with the Department of Children and Families for all services including:

  • Developing and distributing applications, using the DCF’s definition of eligible programs and credentialing criteria for providers;
  • Receiving all applications and re-applications for enrollment as a DCF provider;
  • Reviewing the applications for completeness and accuracy;
  • Conducting verification of an individual-specific basis for professional services applicants;
  • Reviewing background information that is submitted with the individual’s application including criminal records, CPS registry and sex offender registry;
  • Reviewing the Federal Office of the Inspector General’s website registry of professional healthcare providers and entities excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs;
  • Serving as a liaison between the Department and the providers and participating as a member of the Credentialing Committee;
  • Maintenance of a database with current information on credentialed providers including disposition on pending applications;
  • Tracking the bi-annual interval for re-credentialing, and sending out the re-credentialing application to currently credentialed providers;
  • Receiving and recording complaints regarding provider service quality and performance;
  • Conducting quality site visits for all After School programs to assure the program is offered in a safe and secure setting.



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