Judicial Branch Credentials Verification

 Since 2000, ABH® has been credentialing licensed psychologists in the State of Connecticut to maintain a statewide network of practitioners for court-ordered child protection evaluations. Credentialing criteria for the court-ordered psychological evaluator network was developed with the State of CT Judicial Branch and based on NCQA guidelines. Criteria are strictly followed for each application. The Judicial Branch makes the approval decisions, based on data collected and reviewed by ABH.

 ABH® has extensive experience in the credentialing of licensed professional behavioral health staff and licensed provider organizations and has developed customized credentialing systems to expedite the credentialing and re-credentialing process.

ABH® establishes and maintains a credentialing file on every provider both in hard copy and electronic format. ABH uses comprehensive industry-standard criteria, in both the initial credentialing certification and re-credentialing process, to evaluate the ability of a provider to supply behavioral health services. ABH works closely with each applicant to encourage timely, accurate, and complete information throughout the application process.

Any credentialing or re-credentialing process has three objectives, to:

  • Confirm that providers are in good standing and continue to be in good standing with state and federal regulatory bodies. For example, there should be no current malpractice sanctions;
  • Confirm that providers have been reviewed and approved by accrediting body;
  • Determine if the provider has the necessary insurance, clinical oversight, and staffing to provide services for which they are licensed.

The following is included as part of that process:

  • Receive all applications from potential applicants for enrollment as an evaluator for the Judicial Branch;
  • Notify provider in writing of discrepancies or missing items that must be addressed before the credentialing can continue;
  • Verify necessary credentials for each applicant;
  • Confirm applicant is in good standing with regards to licensure, malpractice history, and professional liability coverage;
  • Review background information including, but not limited to, criminal records, Child Protective Services registry information, national sexual offender records, the Department of Public Health practitioner records, the National Practitioner Data Bank, and the federal Office of  the Inspector General’s list of individuals and entities excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs;
  • Notify the Judicial Branch of the disposition of each application;
  • Track the biannual interval for re-credentialing and conduct all re-credentialing activities;
  • Conduct between-cycle monitoring of all documents pertaining to each approved provider.

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