Behavioral Health Recovery Program (BHRP) - Basic

The Behavioral Health Recovery Program assists eligible participants with clinical and basic recovery supports as well as community-based intensive case management services. The program is for HUSKY D/Medicaid recipients with behavioral health needs.

Recognizing that individuals receiving behavioral health treatment are more likely to remain engaged in treatment when their basic recovery support needs are met, the Behavioral Health Recovery Program (BHRP) provides financial assistance to HUSKY D/Medicaid for Low Income Adults (LIA) recipients who are temporarily unemployed and in need of recovery supports that cannot be met by other community resources. These supports include recovery housing, independent housing, bus passes, food, clothing, and personal care items.  The program also offers coverage for intensive and long-term substance abuse residential treatment, when those services are determined to be medically necessary.

The Department of Mental Health has contracted with ABH as the administrative service organization for the BHRP. ABH reviews and authorizes requests by treatment providers and vendors for the provision of these services. ABH is also responsible for utilization management, claims processing and payment, member services, and provider network management.

Community-based intensive case management services are available to those HUSKY D/Medicaid recipients who have complex needs or have had difficulty engaging in the recovery continuum in spite of frequent admissions to acute care services. Recovery Specialists assist individuals in accessing the clinical and basic recovery supports needed to improve the quality of their lives.

In addition, ABH® has piloted the Alternatives to Hospitalization project with Hartford Hospital, St. Francis, St. Vincent, Bridgeport, Manchester, and Middlesex Hospitals in an effort to reduce the inappropriate use of emergency departments and assist individuals in receiving appropriate levels of care. When called upon by hospital staff, an ABH disposition team assists individuals presenting with mental health and substance abuse issues with appropriate placement to community resources.

Contact Information:

  • Clinical Recovery Supports Toll-Free: (800) 606-3677
  • Clinical Recovery Supports Fax: (860) 704-6145
  • Basic Recovery Supports Toll-Free: (800) 658-4472
  • Basic Recovery Supports Fax: (866) 249-8766

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Successes and Milestones

ABH consistently meets or exceeds all contractual performance standards related to telephone responsiveness, claims processing, and decision-making related to clinical and basic recovery support authorization.

Testimonials "Marc, a man in his mid-fifties, battled substance abuse most of his life. An individual with a strong work ethic and a lengthy work history, Marc’s substance abuse resulted in an admission into an intensive residential treatment facility, followed by discharge to a community recovery house. With the help of the BHRP Basic Recovery Supports program, Marc was able to make a seamless transition into a sober house.

Marc has been clean and sober for several months and is now receiving a regular paycheck. He remains at the sober house but is planning to move to his own studio apartment. While addiction is a chronic illness with no guarantees, Marc has used available recovery supports to establish his own pathway to recovery."

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