DCF Credentialing

Since 2007 ABH has administered a system for credentialing potential individuals and organizations that will provide direct client services under the wraparound funding program of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

DCF is accepting applications from organizations to provide CHAP/CHEER Services.

DCF is accepting applications from organizations for the delivery of School of Origin Transportation (SOOT) Services in the following regions only.

Your organization and vehicle(s) must be located in one of the following regions:

REGION 1 (Bridgeport/Norwalk/Stamford)

REGION 2 (Milford/New Haven) 

REGION 5 (Danbury/Torrington/Waterbury)


Please be advised:  DCF will accept new staff from approved providers for all services.

Notification from DCF relating to Credentialed Services ** 08-03-2020 **

   Send us an email >>Contact Information:

Sarah Tkacs
Director, Credentialing and DCF Services

Phone: (860) 704-6472
Email: stkacs@abhct.com

Use of Credentialed and Wrap Funded Services  ** 03-20-2020 **


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 ABH® oversees the credentialing process for providers seeking to enter into provider agreements with the Department of Children and Families for all services including:

  • Developing and distributing applications, using the DCF’s definition of eligible programs and credentialing criteria for providers;
  • Receiving all applications and re-applications for enrollment as a DCF provider;
  • Reviewing the applications for completeness and accuracy;
  • Conducting verification of an individual-specific basis for professional services applicants;
  • Reviewing background information that is submitted with the individual’s application including criminal records, CPS registry and sex offender registry;
  • Reviewing the Federal Office of the Inspector General’s website registry of professional healthcare providers and entities excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs;
  • Serving as a liaison between the Department and the providers and participating as a member of the Credentialing Committee;
  • Maintenance of a database with current information on credentialed providers including disposition on pending applications;
  • Tracking the bi-annual interval for re-credentialing, and sending out the re-credentialing application to currently credentialed providers;
  • Receiving and recording complaints regarding provider service quality and performance;
  • Conducting quality site visits for all After School programs to assure the program is offered in a safe and secure setting.



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