Women's Behavioral Health Services (WBHS)

ABH® Recovery Specialists work with women in recovery to create solutions together.

Funded by the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services (DMHAS) and managed by ABH, the Women’s Behavioral Health Services Program has two primary functions: utilization management and recovery support services. The program is designed to improve access to recovery-based services for women, improve the ability to measure and monitor treatment outcomes, identify gaps in services for women, and maximize existing resources. ABH recovery specialists work with women statewide while they are still in treatment, and offer resources and support to sustain their recovery once they return to the community.

Contact Information:

Bethany Eastman
Phone: 860-704-6153
Fax: 860-704-6185

Testimonials "I began working with “Joan” when I first started my position as a Recovery Specialist in July 2009. Joan had been admitted to residential treatment several months before, and had been using substances since her early teens. I met with Joan throughout her stay in residential care, assisting her to plan for her return to the community. When she was ready to leave the inpatient program, we worked together to apply for funding to pay for her sober house so that she didn’t have to live on her own. Joan also worked on her goal of returning to school for her B.A. degree, and in the spring of 2010, she started classes in human services. Joan’s participation in the Women’s Behavioral Health program ended when she moved out of state with family. We spoke briefly when she recently returned to Connecticut, and she reported that she is now working full-time and volunteering at a local substance abuse treatment program." Erin, ABH Recovery Specialist

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