ATR III (Access to Recovery)

ATR is a federally-funded program in which individuals in recovery, communities, providers, and state agencies can create solutions together.

ABH® works collaboratively with persons in recovery, a statewide network of credentialed providers, and other community supports to administer the Access to Recovery Program (ATR).

ATR offers self-directed recovery support services, both traditional and non-traditional, for eligible adults with a substance use disorder. Buprenorphine treatment, supportive recovery and independent housing, and other recovery supports including faith-based case management and vocational and educational services are options provided by credentialed providers throughout the state.

Recovery planning, initial and ongoing referrals for approved services, and participant satisfaction is managed and monitored through Care Coordination services provided by ABH. Ongoing care coordination ensures informed choice by eligible participants and ongoing service quality.

Contact Information:

  • ATR Customer Service Center: (866) 580-3922
  • ATR Fax: (866) 580-4322
  • ABH ATR Program Contact: Amy Miller
    (860) 704-6152 or
  • DMHAS ATR Contact: Mark Vanacore
    (860) 418-6829 or

Forms & Resources:

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Successes and Milestones

In 2011, ABH, DMHAS, and the ATR provider network worked together, resulting in:

  • 2,766 new persons served
  • 3.7% increase in abstinence from alcohol or illegal drugs by participants at the 6 month follow-up, compared to time of intake
  • 44% increase in individuals who were employed or attending school at the 6 month follow-up, compared to time of intake
  • Over 90% of follow-up health surveys were secured in the time period required by federal funding mandates

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Q: How do individuals sign up for ATR services?
A: People can contact the customer service center at 1-866-580-3922 to see if they qualify.

Q: How long can individuals receive ATR services?
A: ATR is typically a 5 to 6 month program in which participants receive services to achieve short term goals in their recovery plan. Unused units of services may be available beyond the 6 months if a participant needs them.

Q: What services do participants receive from ATR?
A: Covered services include: Buprenorphine treatment, recovery management, recovery oriented vocational services, faith recovery support services, basic needs assistance, supported recovery housing, independent housing assistance, and wellness services. The maximums for each service are dependent on several factors and can be discussed with a Care Coordinator when calling.

Q: Are there any income guidelines or income requirements for ATR?
A: There are no income guidelines for ATR eligibility, but receipt of independent housing assistance and vocational services may be affected by income amounts.

Testimonials "ATR has made things a little easier for me at this hard time in my life." Middletown Participant

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