ATR IV (Access to Recovery)

ATR IV, or Access To Recovery, is a federally funded program that provides services to people in recovery from alcohol and other drug use. These services include non-traditional recovery supports as well as traditional clinical treatment. ATR IV is designed to give people with substance abuse disorders wider access to people, programs, and systems within the community that can help them start or continue their journey on the road to recovery.

Please see the ATR IV Fact Sheet for eligibility requirements and contact information

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Successes and Milestones

From 2010-2014, ABH, DMHAS, and the ATR provider network worked together, resulting in:

  • 12,277 persons being served

  • 86.3% increase in housing stability among participants at the 6 month follow-up, compared to time of intake

  • 58% increase in participants who were employed or attending school at the 6 month follow-up, compared to time of intake 

  • 3.4% increase in abstinence from alcohol or illegal drugs by participants at the 6 month follow-up, compared to time of intake

  • Over 90% of follow-up health surveys were secured in the time period required by federal funding mandates

Click here to see ATR II Reports for more details and data on ATR III expenditures and outcomes

Testimonials "With the help of ATR a lot of the burdens for this recovery have surely been lessened. I would like to thank ATR for giving me motivation and the positive role models and supportive people in my life…I am definitely on the road to recovery." Bridgeport Participant

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