Forensic Lead Case Manager


Be part of an exciting new opportunity. We are looking for a qualified individual to be part of a special projects initiative. This position will assist the DMHAS forensic unit in providing mental health and forensic services to acquitees on conditional release status. Our candidate will interface with the DMHAS forensic team, the Psychiatric Security Review Board, community providers, and work directly with the individual to ensure compliance with treatment and recovery plans, statutory requirements and all conditions set forth by the Psychiatric Security Review Board.

Duties and Responsibilities include participation in program, agency and funder trainings, availability via phone and email, outstanding customer service skills, the ability to be flexible with daily schedules and tasks, transportation of individuals in your own personal vehicle with a generous mileage reimbursement. Knowledge of electronic medical records and ability to enter timely and accurate documentation.

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Apply today to be part of an established and growing behavioral health agency.



We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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